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No Head Contact, No Cage Fighting
Safe Boxing, Grappling & Kickboxing

Our classes are taught in a safe and friendly environment with your child in mind to bestow social, mental and life skills. We have top of the line equipment and Black Belt experienced instruction. We keep your child motivated with our stripe system and fun drills.

PRESCHOOL  KICKERS - 3 to 4 years old, 3 times per week.
45 minute classes are focused on basic martial arts teaching social, motor skills and agility skills in a playful and positive format.

KINDERGARTEN KICKERS - 5 to 7 years old, 3 times per week.
45 minute classes are focused on basic martial arts teaching social and motor skills and agility fitness in a fun and playful environment.

FIRST GRADE KICKERS - 8 to 9 yrs old, 3 times per week.
45 minute classes are focused on the martial, physical and social level and intermediate martial arts techniques.

SECOND GRADE KICKERS - 10 to 13 years old, 3 times per week.
45 minute classes are focused on more martial and physical discipline and on developing their skills in their martial arts techniques.

BLACK BELT CLUB KICKERS - by invitation only.
Some children from the Second Grade Kickers, who show special skills and discipline and who want to earn their Black Belt, will be invited to join. They will have their own class, their own Black Belt Club uniform and will be trained in more advanced techniques and towards becoming a teaching assistant.

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Our Children's Program                   K.I.M. Take a Break
K.I.M. KIDS MIXED MARTIAL ARTS & FITNESS PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN ages three to teens provides a curriculum to help build confidence in your child.

K.I.M. AWARENESS:  Children need to understand that certain places such as alleys, wooded areas, parks, playgrounds, walking to and from school, staying home alone could all be potentially dangerous when alone.  They also need to be taught when a car pulls up along side them, a window is rolling down or an adult is approaching them or asking them questions or calling to them, how they should react.  Being alert is the number one self-defense!

K.I.M. FIGHT BACK! -  Although we teach your kids not to fight when it's not necessary, we also teach them how to fight when they need to defend themselves. 

We teach them techniques such as biting, head butting, clawing, poking at the eyes, punching to the throat, stepping on the foot, and our famous "how to be a brat" on the ground!.  We also teach them how to defend against wrist grabs, arm grabs, hair grabs, headlocks, bear hugs, being picked up from the front, side and back. They are taught to use these techniques for their own protection, and to help prevent someone from doing something to them or taking them against their will.

K.I.M. PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT:  In order for any adult or child to become effective with what they are learning, they have to practice.  Once in a while we bring the parents on the mat to help their children practice.  In return they'll be able to help their kids become more effective. 

ONE STEP FURTHER - Although there is a Karate studio on almost every corner, they are not all the same.  Every parent wants happiness for their child, which a lot of other studios do provide.  We also ensure that happiness, but go one step further to ensure that your child gets classes that are realistic to life and some of it's uncomfortable predicaments.

Kicks In Motion MMA is completely committed to assist in every way possible to help your child become a well skilled, highly confident, self disciplined Black Belt.

To become well skilled in the physical sense is an attribute that will assist your child in all physical activities.

A highly confident person will eliminate fear and doubt from their lives and replace them with assuredness and courage. With an increased ability to focus, they will gain self-control and will develop the Black Belt Self Discipline.

Self discipline means many things: never quitting, finish what you start, consistency in class attendance, prompt and eager to give your best effort.

You are welcome to bring your child in for a free trial lesson.  We are proud of our program and our students, and believe that the quality of our program speaks for itself!